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May 23, 2017

WarningThis episode contains language that some people may find offensive or distressing.

Show Description

Angie Greene's been surrounded by Professional Sport since she was a young kid.

Her Pop, Frank Sedgman was a champion tennis player, her dad Russell is in the Australian Football League Hall of Fame, and her two brothers were, and are talented athletes.

Their sports journeys though have been very different.

Steve went on to play AFL football at the highest level for 5 years. Brent however, removed himself from team sport altogether because of the homophobic language he'd hear on the sports field and in sports environments in general.

Angie saw what her brother was going through, over many years. Add in the sexism, and racism, and she didn't want to be part of sporting environments either.

That was till she started, Stand Up Events, an organisation that's challenging sexual and gender discrimination in sport.

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Episode 37 - Quick-Guide

▪ Angie introduces herself and her organisation

▪ The differing sports journeys of Angie's brothers

▪ The challenges of sports cultures

▪ Teaching sports-people about homophobia and transphobia

▪ Knowing if people are open to change

▪ The homophobia in team-sports (for Angie's dad and brothers)

▪ Why visibility of LGBTI people (in sports clubs) matters

▪ Pride, homophobia and transphobia: The response of officials

▪ St Kilda: A leading club that's supporting LGBTI people in footy

▪ Three things sports clubs can do right now - for inclusion

The Lightning Round: invisibility, standing up, inclusion, equality in sport, feeling welcome in sport, and impact

▪ Why there is space for standing up for social issues in sport

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▪ There you'll also find resources to make your Phys Ed class and Sports Club more inclusive.

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