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Apr 11, 2016

It's what we want for all our students - safe schools.

For some students though - school is the most unsafe place for them to be.

And increasingly they're saying, 'enough is enough if our school leaders & teachers won't take action to make school safe for us we will.'

In this episode of Pushing The Edge, young people...

Mar 14, 2016


Transformative moments: The moments where you come face to face with a stark realization, that changes how you see yourself, your life and the world around you.

And life from hereon - is different - if you choose to make it so.

That's what happened to our guest, Justin Schleider, who comes to realize his privilege as...

Feb 29, 2016

This is a special edition of Pushing The Edge.

Bill Ivey and Christina Torres return to discuss: How to be ally for social justice in education.

It can be quite a learning curve, filled with many questions and uncertainties.

What if we want to speak up but don’t fully understand the issues, or the correct language...

Feb 15, 2016

In this episode, speaking up as White Educators and challenging the silence on issues of social justice - online - and in our schools.

We’re also chatting about truly seeing our students & teaching a #BlackLivesMatter curriculum.

And in the Lightning Round, we’re pushing the edges of visibility, democratic ideals,...

Feb 1, 2016

When we explore identity with our students, we often focus on single dimensions like race or ethnicity.

But if we consider race, how does your gender, belief systems, or socio-economic status impact on your experiences and opportunities in life?

The intersections of identity, that's the focus of this episode.

And in the...