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May 9, 2017

In this episode, how do we go about changing the culture within sporting clubs - opening them up to the rich diversity within our communities?

How do we deal with sexism, the ableism, the racism, the homophobia and transphobia that puts off so many of us?

And what about all the emphasis on the 'economics' and 'market share' - as reasons for change.

Isn't there a 'social justice' case for change?

Well our guest has plenty of insights into these areas - having studied sporting clubs up close as a researcher and participant.

Ryan Storr is a PhD researcher and co-founder of Proud2Play, an Aussie organisation designed for anyone who ever thought there was no place for them in sporting environments.

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Episode 36 - Quick Guide

▪ Ryan introduces himself

▪ Why inclusion in sport matters

▪ Does having skills = acceptance in sport?

▪ Why did Ryan hide his sexuality - when playing sport?

▪ Why does being open about who you are matter?

▪ What might inclusion in a sporting club look like?

▪ Getting beyond limited definitions of diversity - in sports clubs

▪ How passionate individuals are driving change in sports clubs

▪ Strategies used to drive change in sports clubs

▪ How prizing ability and competition affects young people's participation in sport

▪ The challenges for volunteers in terms of driving change in sports clubs

The Lightning Round: inclusion, valuing diversity, volunteering, and competition

▪ How Ryan's research has affected him

Episode Links

▪ To connect with Ryan and Proud2Play, plus find all the show links, go to

▪ There you'll also find resources to make your Phys Ed class and Sports Club more inclusive.

▪ Listen to Episode 32 where James Lolicato talks about Proud2Play, an organisation he co-founded with Ryan -

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