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Feb 1, 2016

When we explore identity with our students, we often focus on single dimensions like race or ethnicity.

But if we consider race, how does your gender, belief systems, or socio-economic status impact on your experiences and opportunities in life?

The intersections of identity, that's the focus of this episode.

And in the Lightning Round, we're Pushing The Edges of conversations about gender and race, privilege, social justice, democracy, and co-existence.

Our guest is Bill Ivey. Bill is a middle-school Dean at Stoneleigh Burnham Girls' School in Western Massachussetts, USA.

Bill's passionate about teaching for social justice, and the concept of intersectionality is central to much of his teaching in this area.

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Episode Run-Down:

▪ The origin of this episode (1:07)

▪ What got Bill interested in Social Justice? (1:45)

▪ How Bill Pushes The Edge in education (4:41)

▪ What is intersectionality, why teach about it, and what got Bill interested in it? (5:17)

▪ Exploring gender identity and sexuality with students (8:03)

▪ How Bill explores intersections of identity with students - being a 'girl' (11:50)

▪ Developing class guidelines for discussing identity - exploring race (13:12)

▪ Navigating tricky situations within discussions - white privilege (14:25)

▪ Not under-estimating our students | Facing our fears about messing it up (15:19)

▪ Students are interested in 'No-Go' Topics - let's get out of their way (17:09)

▪ Discussing student designed units - Should we teach Gender? Should we teach sexuality in school? (18:05)

▪ Staff reactions to students' ideas and understandings about race and racism (19:39)

▪ The challenges in teaching about the intersections of identity (20:15)

The Lightning Round - teaching gender, co-existence, conversations about race, social justice, democracy, privilege, best self, and Pushing The Edge (21:32)

Episode Links:

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▪ What is agnosticism? -

▪ What is intersectionality? -

▪ Teaching Resources on Supporting GLBTI Youth -

▪ Information about Caitlyn Jenner -

▪ What is White Privilege -

▪ Pondering (my) White Privilege by Shawn White -

▪ White People Tell White People about Privilege, and That's OK by Jose Vilson et al -

▪ Ferguson (Gun-related violence and policing in the USA) -

▪ Teaching about Ferguson (Class-resources) -

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