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ALL NEW Pushing The Edge - Standing Up For Students in Challenging Times. Listen Now.  

Dec 19, 2015

How can we support and empower students to make change happen?

How can we empower them to be change-makers who challenge and transform unjust systems?

Well, we've gotta dislodge and disrupt the stories of oppression and victim-hood that are so prevalent.

We've gotta review and re-frame the ways we talk about ourselves and our communities.

We've gotta tell stories of persistence, positivity, hope, joy and achievement.

It all starts with re-thinking our business as usual in schools. And on that count we've got quite a few tips and insights to share.

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Episode Run-Down:

▪ How Christina Torres Pushes The Edge (1:36)

▪ How to center social justice around students and their worlds (2:14)

▪ How Christina's students pushed back & resisted (3:38)

▪ Race: Seeing ourselves in power, in diverse roles (7:26)

▪ How to teach for student agency (10:34 & 12:27)

▪ Re-thinking how we view and talk about particular communities (11:26 & 14:47)

▪ Re-thinking how we view and talk about 'success' (16:15)

▪ Empowering students to recognize their capital (22:07)

▪ Why we need to name ourselves with empowered language (23:08)

▪ Getting beyond stories of oppression - moving toward hope, joy, persistence and possibility (25:16)

>▪ Getting beyond obedience and polite 'critical thinking' (27:50)

▪ The Lightning Round - defiance, vulnerability, cultural capital, teacher-leader, agency, and advice (30:32)

▪ A Not To Be Missed Take-Away (34:56)

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▪ The Giver by Lois Lowry -

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