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ALL NEW Pushing The Edge - Standing Up For Students in Challenging Times. Listen Now.  

Dec 15, 2014

They're moments that catch you unaware. Moments that surprise and delight you. 

When students stretch themselves in ways that you'd never have imagined, going far beyond what you thought possible.
In this episode: Challenging our views about young people.
We're letting go of the reins and pushing beyond the 'we know best', 'we'll show you' approaches with author, broadcaster and speaker Laura Hill.  
Laura has two children, Ava and Kayla, who managed to confound her time and time again. So much so that they're partners with Laura in the Family Business, and have contributed to a significant shift in how she works with young people.
That's not all though, we're also talking #WhatisSchool, a Twitter Chat that Laura co-founded with Craig Kemp. 
Plus we have the Lightning Round - where we're talking Risk, Courage and Edge. 
And to bring us home, a young John Lennon goes one up on his teachers in a Not to Be Missed Quote about Life, School and Happiness. 

Episode Highlights 

  • 1:37 - What makes Laura tick?
  • 2:13 - How Laura pushes outside her Comfort Zone
  • 4:08 - Letting young people Take the Lead - Letting go of Control
  • 6:00 - Capturing that youthful exuberance - Backing off our ego
  • 7:21 - Re-thinking what's possible for young people
  • 9:09 - Winning and Losing together
  • 10:23 - Stepping back and Adding Value
  • PBL = Problem or Project Based Learning
  • 12:53 - #whatisschool: The Twitter Chat - The Impact and How we might apply it in schools
  • 14:05 - The Lightning Round
  • 15:55 - Laura's Not to be Missed Quote 

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