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Nov 23, 2015

In this episode, we explore student activism in a K to 8 elementary school. Here students are critically exploring and unpacking the issues that affect their lives and the people they care about.

But that's not all - they're also coming up with Action Plans to make a difference on these issues. Issues such as street litter, gun violence, homelessness, and police violence towards their communities.  

We've also got the Lightning Round where we're pushing the edges of teacher objectivity, standardization, achievement gaps, and being Young, strong and proud.

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Episode Run-Down

▪ How Village Leadership Academy push the edge

▪ Exploring personal and community identity - from Kinder Grade onward (2:13)

▪ The importance of transformation in students' lives (3:03)

▪ Getting beyond feeling 'less than' (3:50) | Understanding ourselves and our worlds

▪ GLBTI students - The importance of connection (5:14)

▪ Getting beyond under-estimating young people - Exploring gender with young people (6:30)

▪ The difference between the students' community and other communities - Litter in our streets (7:30)

▪ Student Activism in education | The role of education (10:20)

▪ Teachers as allies to students (13:25)

▪ They don’t know about - They shouldn’t know about (15:24)

▪ The Information Model and African-American and Latino young people (16:47)

▪ Dealing with the realities of students’ lives (18:08)

▪ The practice of education and ignorance - Teaching world history (20:35)

▪ The benefits of critical literacy for students (22:19)

▪ From feeling powerless to powerful - A 3rd Grader's story about homelessness (26:01)

▪ Navigating society after being in a social-activist focused class (31:05)

▪ Explicitly talking about Code Switching with students (34:35)

▪ Exploring police brutality towards transgender African-American women (39:10)

▪ The Lightning Round - Teacher objectivity - Achievement Gap - Young, Strong and Proud - Standardization - Student Leadership - Adult Allies - Defying The Odds - Pushing The Edge (40:09)


Episode Links 

▪ Nakisha Hobbs on Twitter -

▪ Village Leadership Academy Website -

▪ Why every Education Leader in America needs to talk to William Jackson by Kendra Racouillat -

▪ Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Website -  


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