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Oct 20, 2014

Rachael Lehr is an educator with much insight into Pushing Past Comfort Zones - often pushing past the 'Why Me?' and 'What have I got to offer?' feelings, and saying 'Yes' to the unknown and unfamiliar.  

Connectedness is also a key theme in this episode. In particular, how Twitter has been 'life-changing' for Rachael.

Here we share practical tips for those who are wary of reaching out to connect. And if you're feeling a bit isolated, there's tips here for you as well.

In turn, hear how Rachael has fired up her Year 2 class along with their parents and guardians via a Class Twitter account. Yes that's right - Twitter with Year 2 children.  

There's also the Lightning Round - where Courage, Connection, Making a Difference, Overachieving, and Nature - are all under the spotlight.

To round out an insightful and inspiring episode we have Rachael's Not To Be Missed Book, which offers practical tips for everyday thriving as a teacher. More specifically, how to take care of Number 1 - You.

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