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Apr 11, 2017

In this episode, we meet dancer, multi-sport athlete and wheelchair user - Sam De Leve.

We explore the power of sport and sporting communities to change how disabled people see themselves, their bodies, and their possibilities in life.

Also why do access, equipment, and language matter? And what makes a good sports coach?

Plus you've probably heard people describing their identities as intersectional. We unpack what that means in the context of Sam's life.

And in the Lightning Round we're pushing the edges of labels, intersections in identity, visibility, disruption, disability, and bodies.

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Episode 34 - Quick Guide

▪ Sam introduces themself

▪ What is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome?

▪ How Sam's disability impacts on the sports they play and the protection needed

▪ The drawcard of sport for Sam

▪ The importance of being around disabled people

▪ Mistaken perceptions about people with disabilities

▪ Sam as a disabled and trans non-binary Jew

▪ What does non-binary mean?

▪ The power of language around disabilities

▪ What teachers need to be mindful of - in respect to language

▪ Defining ourselves through our disability/ies - or not

▪ A funny tale: The sprint to the door

▪ Policies that do tangible harm to the lives of people with disabilities - in the arts, sport and recreation

▪ Access, equipment and dress-codes for people with disabilities and gender diverse people

▪ Why bathroom or toilet access matters so much for gender diverse people

▪ Why being disabled in public is a radical act

▪ What Sam has learnt about themself and they body - through dance and sport

▪ What do good coaches do?

▪ The Lightning Round: access, everyday planning, labels, intersections in identity, visibility, disruption, disability, bodies.

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▪ To connect with Sam, find all the show links, AND access resources to 'Make Phys Ed and Sport More Inclusive' - go to

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