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Mar 14, 2016


Transformative moments: The moments where you come face to face with a stark realization, that changes how you see yourself, your life and the world around you.

And life from hereon - is different - if you choose to make it so.

That's what happened to our guest, Justin Schleider, who comes to realize his privilege as a White, Straight, Middle Class Educator.

But that's not all, we're also talking Fear: Fear of The Other.

In this case, refugees seeking asylum in our countries.

It's a fear that has Justin facing his own family history.

And of course, we've also got the Lightning Round where we're pushing the edges of Money, Discomfort, Growth Mindset, and being a white educator.

Plus we ponder - can we ever stop being educators?

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Episode Run-Down:

▪ How Justin Pushes the Edge (2:09)

▪ How Justin came to branch out beyond what's normal for him (2:51)

▪ How Justin came to realize his privilege & began stepping out beyond it (6:30)

▪ Learning to keep our mouths shut (8:55)

▪ Learning, reading, conversing, and finding out more (11:24)

▪ Facing conflict online - Justin's experience and how he responded(14:10)

▪ 'One Word Fear' | Justin confronts his fear of refugees seeking asylum (18:14)

▪ Justin connects to his grandparents' story and The Holocaust(21:48)

▪ Why Justin published his post about his fear (23:03)

▪ How Justin teaches about difference in Health Classes (25:56)

▪ How reaching out beyond what's familiar has benefited Justin and his students (28:34)

▪ The Lightning Round - White Educator, Money, Discomfort, Growth Mindset, White Privilege, Ever Stop Being a Teacher (32:01)

▪ Justin's parting thoughts on the 'hidden curriculum' and teaching about difference and empathy (36:52)

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