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Nov 3, 2014

It started as a comment whispered in the hallway,"He's the Weird Teacher." 

From there, it became a book, and later a highly unpredictable and outside the box Twitter chat, simply called Weirded
In this episode, embracing what makes you different with Doug Robertson, an Elementary School Teacher and author of He's the Weird Teacher.
Showing those parts of ourselves that others deem to be weird can be challenging. You can feel a little vulnerable, and it doesn't always go to plan. There's some top insights in this episode from Doug Robertson. 
Then it's the Lightning Round, where we're fuelled by Risk, Boundaries, Passion, Voice, and something that Doug's particularly well known for - Intensity and Humor.
And for the Pop Culture Fans, there's Henry Rollins, Steven Tyler, Cloud Atlas, Hunter S Thompson, The Myth Busters, and a Not to Be Missed Quote from The Lorax. 
In the spirit of Doug,  Be Yourself, Be Weirdly Weird. 
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