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Feb 15, 2016

In this episode, speaking up as White Educators and challenging the silence on issues of social justice - online - and in our schools.

We’re also chatting about truly seeing our students & teaching a #BlackLivesMatter curriculum.

And in the Lightning Round, we’re pushing the edges of visibility, democratic ideals, bias and indoctrination.

Our guest is Greg Michie, a year 7 and 8 public school teacher of Social Studies in Chicago, USA.

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Episode Run-Down:

▪ How Greg pushes the edge for social justice (1:21)

▪ How we can keep social justice at the forefront of our teaching? (1:41)

▪ Why step outside what's familiar and comfortable to us as teachers (3:54)

▪ Why step outside the norm of silence about race, gender and sexuality in education (5:29)

▪ Challenging the silence - Centering issues of social justice in schools and online (9:09)

▪ How we can step up for social justice on Twitter? (12:26)

▪ Talking about access and equity in Tech Twitter Chats (16:05)

▪ Ending white silence: What can we do as white educators? (18:53)

▪ Truly seeing our students: A powerful moment in Greg's classroom (26:41)

▪ Teaching a #BlackLivesMatter Curriculum (30:12)

▪ Why speaking up is important - even if you think it doesn't affect your community (37:50)

▪ Feeling afraid of speaking up - what you can do (40:50)

▪ The Lightning Round - indoctrination, visibility, urban, cultural proficiency, student centered, unconscious and unexamined bias, democratic ideal (42:41)

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