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Feb 29, 2016

This is a special edition of Pushing The Edge.

Bill Ivey and Christina Torres return to discuss: How to be ally for social justice in education.

It can be quite a learning curve, filled with many questions and uncertainties.

What if we want to speak up but don’t fully understand the issues, or the correct language to use?

What if we slip up and say the wrong thing?

Our guests have been there, believe me, and they’ve got some especially useful tips and insights to share.

But that’s not all.

There’s a topic I’ve been wanting to discuss for quite a while but I’ve been too scared to raise it publicly.

Well finally I let it out into the world and it leads to an especially interesting discussion.

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Episode Run-Down:

▪ Do you know what you just said? How Bill's navigates being challenged(1:41)

▪ The importance of decentering ourselves (2:23)

▪ How might we get more people on board with social justice issues (2:43)

▪ Bill's tips about participating in diverse spaces (5:18)

▪ Owning up when we're wrong - Christina Torres(8:02)

▪ An Aha Moment: Christina slips up and a students calls it out (8:43)

▪ Speaking up about something I've been too scared to mention - Greg (10:25)

▪ Christina's tips for participating in diverse spaces (14:04)

▪ Helpful Strategies to navigate unfamiliar, diverse paces (17:45)

▪ A key lesson: The work is so much more important than whether the person likes me (19:51)

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